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Deja Hay conquers the HAIR now it is time to conquer her love life! 


Deja has been patiently waiting and asking God to bless her with the right man BUT she wants to help God in the process (never good).  Through social media, online dating, blind dates etc. Deja is on the hunt to find her Boaz.  Deja soon discovers a side of her that she didn’t know existed.  Through ill-willed advice from girlfriends, overzealous thinking, jealousy and lies she is heartbroken and loses trust in the human spirit. Yet, she learns the true meaning and necessity to have the “patience of Job”.  

Will Deja find real love? Or does real love find Deja?

the little black book...truths

Women empowerment book of poetry that speaks to EVERY woman no matter age, location or circumstance!


life is a good teacher

#beautyisacceptance is an uplifting journey of self-acceptance. True beauty is independent of physicality. Despite what reality TV and magazines dictate, it is our acceptance in who we are that exemplifies our true Beauty.

love to love...love to be loved

A collection of poetry derived from love for the love of it! You will laugh out loud, sob, and even awaken your consciousness as you explore the relevance of self-love, family, lovers and the world we live in today.

battle of the HAIR

Follow Deja Hay as she steps out on faith to transition her hair from processed to natural while working in corporate America. The HAIR becomes Deja's mortal enemy as it stops at nothing to derail her from the path to freedom. Although the HAIR has delivered upper cuts by way of white hair and frizz, Deja remains determined to win the battle. Every bad hair day forces Deja to confront harbored insecurities that she has carried. As Deja's confidence soars, the HAIR becomes a source of strength, empowerment and beauty.